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Anthr 110 Gender, Age and Culture
Instructor: François Larose

Study Questions
Fall 2012

In preparation for the exams, here is a list of study questions for each chapter.
What you need to know from the text is covered in these questions. For all these chapters, you need to be familiar with the definitions (technical terms) highlighted in the text.
Also, while there will be no direct questions on the grey boxes in these chapters, I strongly suggest you read them. They provide real-life examples of the concepts discussed in the chapter and you might be asked to provide examples in the exams. You can use these examples if appropriate.
Reading the textbook is not just a matter of memorizing. Understanding the
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How does the understanding of marriage and marriage practices help our understanding of gender, gender roles and power?

Sex/Gender: biology in a social world by A. Fausto-Sterling
Chapter 1. A Genderless Future
1. Is the distinction between sex and gender an obvious one? Explain.
2. Why is this distinction important in everyday life? Give examples.

Chapter 2. Of Spirals and Layers
1. According to table 2.1, what are the subdivisions of gender?
2. What does the author mean by “brain sex”?
3. Explain why the distinction between sex and gender is not a clear one.

Chapter 3. Of Molecules and Sex
1. From the examples given in the text, is the simple dichotomy male/female the only natural one? Explain.
2. Explain the various factors that affect sexual development.
3. What does all the variation in sexual development teach us about human sexual development?
4. According to table 3.1, what are the different types of intersexuality?
Chapter 4. Of Hormones and Brains
1. Describe and explain the different aspects of brain development and the implications for behavioural differences between males and females?
2. What are the different types of differences between female and male brains?
3. What does the study of CAH tell us about sex differences in humans?

Anthr 110 Gender, Age and Culture
Instructor: François Larose

Study Questions
Fall 2012

Chapter 5. Am I a Boy or a Girl?
1. Explain the early ideas about gender identity formation.

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