Essay about Study Guide/Outline Chapter 1

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Chapter 1
The History of Crime and Corrections
After reading this chapter, students should be able to: 1. Define the term "corrections," and know how correctional agencies fulfill their mission of protecting society. 2. Identify how corrections can impact the crime rate by understanding the concept of the correctional funnel. 3. Outline the growth of corrections over the past two decades, and describe why the scope of correctional budgets, staffing, and clients makes it important for students to study corrections. 4. Contrast the Classical School with the Positive School of Criminology. 5. Describe the role of William Penn and the Pennsylvania Quakers in
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4. The Correctional Funnel and Correctional Policy 5. Your Career in Corrections: Policy Analysts 2. A discussion about the role of policy analysts in correctional agencies. 3. Why Should Students Study Corrections? 6. The criminal justice system and corrections is a “booming business.” The number of clients processed and managed by the system continues to climb every year. The amount of dollars directed to criminal justice agencies has expanded incrementally. The availability of jobs for those seeking a profession in the criminal justice system has increased significantly. 4. An Insider’s Experience: 25 Years of Correctional Work 7. A description of the author's career in corrections, in order to give the student some perspective on the types of jobs available, and why, therefore, to study corrections. 5. Theories of Crime and Punishment 8. Beccaria and the Classical School 9. Bentham’s Hedonistic Calculus 10. Lombroso and the Positive School 11. Neoclassical School 6. Early Responses to Crime 12. The earliest responses to crime were extremely brutal, and included torture, beatings, branding, and mutilation. 13.

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