Essay on Students Who Pursue The Masters Through The United States

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The main aim to build our website is to provide information to the students who want to pursue the masters in the United States. Our website is a simple information website consisting of the exams which are needed, exam materials for the preparation, universities you might get with the marks you have scored in the examinations, sample materials to know how to send applications to the universities and some news regarding the student VISA.
1. Demographics: First when we started, we have visitors only from India and United States as seen in the below demographics. Then we started seeing the metrics and made changes to the site accordingly. Gradually we got users from other parts of the world as well.
We also observed some of the below metrics to improve the performance of the website.
2. Unique Visitors: Unique visitors are the visitors requesting pages from the website during a given period, regardless of how often they visit. The tracking of this metric is very important because it helps to understand the user behavior about our website. For the first month after the launch of our website the number of unique visitors not very high, then we made some changes to our website by understanding this metric. In the second month the number of unique visitors visiting my website gradually increased from the previous month.

3. New Visitors vs Returning Visitors: As our website is an information website, it is very important to…

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