Students Should Not Be Held Back From College Essay

797 Words May 16th, 2016 4 Pages
Students should not be held back from college, because of low funds not being able to pay for the education that he or she would love to have. Think to yourself, the ones who are unable to afford it could be the next world changer or even the person to find a cure for cancer. If college were free, many are aware taxes would go up but the jobs that a degree would provide would lead to better pay and in return pay a higher tax rate. There would be a bigger boom in our economy and provide a higher standard of living if college was free. It is morally wrong for a teenager and their family to be forced to incur thousands and thousands of dollars in debt for education. Learning and education should not be privileges enjoyed only by the wealthy. Fear of being in financial debt is why many do not attend college. This could be prevented if college was free. As of now, college loans are the highest level ever seen. Many college participates take out loan after loan not aware til the end how long everything would be to start paying back. According to the Western Post, in 1978 it was possible to earn enough money to pay for a year of college tuition just by working a summer job that paid minimum wage. Today, it would take a minimum wage worker an entire year to earn enough to cover the annual in-state tuition at a public university. Because of this is why many youths don’t attend college, don’t finish or graduate deeply in debt. With 1.3 trillion in student loans, America’s are…

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