Student Success Act Should Replace No Child Essay

1628 Words Dec 18th, 2015 null Page
Many schools today are not providing good enough education for the students and their future. Many student are struggling to get through school, and most schools are not providing programs to help students succeed. The Student Success Act will help various programs and improve the schools. The Student Success Act should replace No Child Left Behind because the school 's leaders will have more power in choosing how to best use the funding for their schools, the school and the parents will have more of a choice, and it will help more low income students to succeed in school.
The Student Success Act was introduced Feb 3,2015 to give many schools and their students more opportunities to improve their schools and their teachers. In the article “Student Success Act gives every child an opportunity to achieve” Congressman Diane Black states it will help put financial control within the schools and help their teachers. According to the article every student deserves to succeed in school the Student Success Act will help that happen. It will let students achieve and succeed in their class. They want to replace the No Child Left Behind with the Student Success Act because the No child left behind bill focuses too much on testing.“Because of this frenzied obsession with high-stakes testing, more and more time is being usurped from actual classroom learning,” (Brown and Layton 1) The writers believe that because the students are taking so much time to do the high standardized tests…

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