Essay on Student Speaker At This Year 's Commencement Ceremony

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Why would you like to be the student speaker at this year’s Commencement Ceremony? I would like to be the student commencement speaker at this year’s commencement ceremony because I believe that my class needs to be inspired to live every of their life on purpose! My story is one of triumph against all odds. I believe that by telling my story and showing them that anything is possible they will be inspired to change the world, one small step at a time. By all accounts, I was not supposed to make it. I was homeless, depressed, overweight, and focused on the negative parts of life. However, growing at the University of Maryland has shown me that truly anything is possible. That my destiny is only a step away, and that every morning, every breath that I take is a chance for me to live on purpose. I am not perfect but I have something to say. I want my class to know that Terps are fearless. Terps, “Think Big” and that one person really can change the world, if they believe. I want my class to know that although the their journey will be longer than expected, and harder than expected; it is worth it! I have something to say, and I believe that this is my chance to say it. What experiences have you had at Maryland or life experiences that would make you a good representative of the Economics Department?
Three years ago because of unfortunate circumstances, I was removed from my home. I lived in a basement and struggled with everything from intense depression to not knowing…

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