Student Debt At The Wright State University Library Home Essay

841 Words Mar 9th, 2016 4 Pages
To begin researching any paper I always go to the Wright State University library home page and use the search engine on there to locate articles. During the first semester of my freshman year we were shown how to use the website which has turned out to be extremely helpful in a lot of my classes. I would go to the page and search for the terms ‘student debt’ which yields a variety of results ranging from information about student debt to potential solutions for student debt. I found a lot of good sources from this search because using this specific search engine you can have it pull only scholarly articles. I also use Google to try and pull some information off of the internet that can help to understand what the current public opinion and view of the situation is through the websites of news sources as well as by looking at the most popular search results. Having all of this information from such an easy to use tool like the school’s library page and google is going to allow me to effectively convey correct, useful information to the audience when I write about the current U.S. debt situation and what students can do today to prepare themselves for the future. To pick my sources, I mainly go for PDF’s because they are easily available. I also make sure to get a large selection of scholarly articles so that the final product I have is going to be reliable. When I use Google, I am a lot more stringent on which websites that I will use for information and judge whether or…

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