Essay on Student Athletes Should Not Be Paid

1829 Words Nov 20th, 2015 null Page
Some student athletes say they don 't have enough time to make it to class. According to many that have opinions from both sides of the issue have come up with a possible solution. They said it depends on the person if they want to push to receive an education or not. There are some who have been able to do both. Even though student athletes don 't have time to attend classes they need to get an education to have something to fall back on if sports does not work out and they need to have a certain GPA to be eligible to play.
Many of the athlete’s that are playing in the college football now are not as smart as you would think they would be going to some of the best colleges in the country. According to an article from colorado university “most freshman football players have a average ACT score 945 which is not the score they need to get into that premier college that they are in.” They have this thing that 's called special admissions that a lot of top athletes use to get into good colleges. Which is basically getting them for their athletic ability instead of what they can do in the classroom. They lower their requirements because they want them that bad to play for their sporting programs.
Think of it like this athletes coming from high school had many things to do beside practice also. They had practice after school and maybe still a job after with homework too. So if they can do it when they are not an adult they can do it while they are in college. They are more…

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