Essay about Student Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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“The NCAA and its member institutions practice what can best be described as a modern form of slavery. They feed, house (and ostensibly educate) young men and women in exchange for the services of their labor. It is true that these young laborers, whom the NCAA likes to call "student-athletes," could walk away at any time.” (The NCAA’s Slaves) Student athletes should be compensated because they are the sole reason athletic programs create revenue. These athletes are working for the school and doing services for their college yet it seems to go unnoticed. Anywhere else in the world this would not be allowed to happen, but yet we seem to let it happen to these student athletes. Student-Athletes put their bodies on the line every time they step onto the field or court and the universities make money off those student-athletes. Universities are making billions off many of these athletes merchandise, likenesses, and jersey number. If the athletes were compensated for their athletic abilities maybe more of these athletes would forgo going into their professional careers and consider staying all four years and graduate from college which would raise the universities graduation rate, but instead these choice to start their professional careers because they know they only have a short time table to capitalize off their abilities and support their families.
Every time these athletes decide to step onto the field they are putting their bodies at risk of altering their lives permanently…

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