Essay Against Animal Abuse

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Vets Struggle Against Animal Abuse

There are many forms of abuse, and some can even cause death. Children grow up to be violent when abuse is present in their household. This causes a chain reaction to more generations of people who neglect animals. This problem then falls onto veterinarians who cannot do their jobs without having emotions cloud their judgement.Veterinarians are not only doing their absolute best to aid the poor animal in getting them back on their feet, but are also trying to prevent abuse from recurring. Veterinarians are treating animals that were abused, and to overcome this obstacle laws need to be passed to protect them.

Animal abuse is not just a problem for animals, but also causes vets hardship emotionally and
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To make the world a safer place for pets to live in companionship with humans and lessen the stress for vets, there needs to be laws to protect them against abuse. A psychologist, George Simon, who has a PhD wrote, “American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and the Humane Society work tirelessly to promote the passing of laws to prevent animal abuse and aid their enforcements” (Simon). Even though these organizations are working tremendously hard to assist this cause, they still need more support from others to end animal abuse. Many clinics are already using pamphlets to inform people about animal neglect, and what to do if someone witnesses any action considered abusive. The Humane Society of the United States, one of the largest and most effective animal protection organizations, summarized that many cities have animal control agencies in which people can call, but if the town does not then the police are always available (“Animal Neglect”). By calling someone that can inform the vets it gives the animal a better chance of surviving and healing faster. Commercials are also show viewers how bad abuse really is and that it is a serious issue in the world. Vets also need to realize that they are making a huge difference; even though they have to see animals in pain, they are helping them to get

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