Stress Is The Emotional And Physical Way Essay

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Stress is the emotional and physical way that we respond to pressures. It is what we feel when we are given more than what we think we manage, when we have little, to no control. It creates vulnerability and perceived threats. Stress can harm a healthy body; it is linked to heart disease, obesity, and constipation. Addictions, such as smoking, drinking, and drug abuse are related because it is a temporary relief of stress although, it does not make stress go away. “Stress, Portrait of a Killer”, shows that stress has evolved from the utilitarian era of killed, or be killed. Stress hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine are released by the body in times that are understood as being potentially dangerous. These hormones allow our bodies to react faster to engage muscles, increase heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate; it shuts down metabolic processes like digestion, reproduction, growth and immunity. The concerns that we as a society today have, is that we do not know how to turn off the stressor switch. Prolonged periods that an individual thinks that they have no control creates great emotional pressure that leads to chronic stress. Being aware of the symptoms and effects of stress is key to changing and maintaining a healthier mind and body. For me, it is an understanding of where is my starting point. I know that I have work related pressures, and now I have added college into my already full days. I am working to create an improved time-management…

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