Strengths And Weaknesses Of Harley Davidson

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Register to read the introduction… Harley Davidson has always been putting customers satisfaction as a priority. Customers remain loyal to the company not only because of high quality products and unique style of motorcycles, but also because of the image and values that Harley Davidson represents. The strength and power. Harley Davidson established the H.O.G (Harley Owners Group) organization. This organization has become a home for 750,000 members, who share passion and admiration for the brand. H.O.G is the example of how a brand is able to create a subculture. Harley Davidson promoted a wild, free lifestyle. People were and still are attracted to those ideas. By joining the H.O.G they felt the feeling of belonging to Harley’s bold culture. Especially in 90’s Harley’s ideas were extraordinary, people wanted to be the part of that unique …show more content…
Being the only major American manufacturer of heavyweight motorcycles is highly beneficial for the company, as well as being the one of main manufacturer and user of V-engine configuration.
Strategy of competing of Harley Davidson focuses on design and quality of products, rather than on price. Therefore, products are expensive, which can be considered as a weakness. High price limits target market, as not everyone can afford the product.
Harley Davidson as an American company focuses it’s market on the US. 67% of their revenue come from the United States. Depending on domestic market can lead company to failure. If the United States faces economic crisis, profit of the company will extremely fall.
Although Harley’s motorbikes are high quality, competitors such as Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki seems to produce even better quality motorbikes. They are directly focused on quality and speed of their motorbikes. Harley Davidson should consider implementing new technologies and improvements to their
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Currently, Harley-Davidson police motorcycle services for more than 3600 police and government departments in America, Europe and Asia. They are mainly applied to patrol and performance on some special tasks.

1) The standard Harley-Davidson retails around $30,000. How is investment in a Harley-Davidson more than just a financial investment?
Harley-Davidson has got more than just a financial investment because Harley- Davidson understands what the consumers are looking for and maintains satisfying the needs of the consumers. A better understanding of consumer behavior would affect the market strategy of the company. In addition, Haley's spirit can be summarized as the following three points: passion, pursuit of freedom, the enjoyment of life and those factors can represent how attitudes towards life most people are looking forward to.

2) In what ways is the Harley Davidson brand more than a functional

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