My Identive Communication Analysis

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If I wer e to take a step back and analyze my communication skills, overall I would say I’m pretty good at it. Thanks to childhood home that nurtured and encouraged communication, I definitely am not afraid to communicate. However, on the other hand, I do have at least two glaring weaknesses that I am aware of, assertive communication and decoding a sender message.
With assertive communication, I feel like sometime I use it too often. I’m an honest person to a fault, if I feel a certain way I won’t pretend otherwise. Now I’m not saying I walk around telling everyone about their faults, but if I’m not excited by something intended to be exciting and I’m asked, there won’t be artificial enthusiasm returned. Also, I tend to be more open with those I’m most comfortable with (friends and family). And as I said in a previous essay “My experience is that most people don’t take critiquing well, or most other non-positive and upbeat
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When I was nearing graduation of high school, the group of guys I hung out with just like many teenage cliques, were constantly trying to assert dominance and test each other. Some of us were friend, most of us were friendly, but you always had to make sure you stood up for yourself, or it might be perceived as weakness. I was a quiet kid and at the time I let things roll right off. I was never taught to start fights, or be aggressive. However, everyone has a limit and I started realizing that people will begin to believe you’re weak if they’re able to slight or observe other slight you without repercussion. Once I left high school I believed that would be the end of having to deal with that issue, but when I got to boot camp it was a very familiar scenario. So, in response to the problem, I began to respond a lot more quickly to what I perceived as disrespect. As time went on it seemed that I was always going to have to make it apparent that I wasn’t be walked over personally and

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