Strengths And Strengths Of My Strengths Essay

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What I found about my strengths from the strengths finder survey is not surprising. My top 5 strengths are Competition, Deliberative, belief, strategic, and futuristic. I am a very competitive person on everything that is a competition. If I don 't come out on top than I think that I have failed to do my best. Having this strength can help you, by you always striving to do the best at everything in life. Sometimes, it has it downfalls. Deliberative is another one of my strengths. I do tend to be a private person and I do tend to stick to myself in a crowd. Everything on the outside might seem ok, but on the inside I know that anything can happen in this unpredictable world. I have even been called a prepper, because I prep myself for the worse. I even have a bug out bag for if anything happens I am prepared for it. Belief is another of my strengths. What I believe in is a core value to me. I hold these values strong to me and nobody can change them. This strength is what makes me who I am and how I do things to reach my goals. Strategic is another one of my strengths. I always try to think of new ways to do things that might make it easier for people to do. I am a outside the box thinker and I come up with solutions that most people don 't come up with. Futuristic is another one of my strengths. I am always trying to improve what I am doing today so, that it help me in the future.


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