Strength Of Zachman Framework : An Accepted Concept For Enterprise Architecture By The Data Community

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Strength of Zachman Framework

The Zachman framework has several strengths:

* The framework is known and is an accepted concept for enterprise architecture by the data community.

* The Zachman framework explains all the angles that an organisation should consist of. This can be applied within the Enterprise Unified Process (EUP).

* The Zachman framework clearly states that there are many stakeholders, such as suppliers, business partners and customers and not only architects or developers for that matter. (Wambler, S, 2002).

Weaknesses of Zachman Framework

On the other hand, the framework bears several weaknesses:

* The framework consists of 36 cells where every cell can hold more than one model thus making the approach a heavy load for the person who uses it.

* The Zachman framework is known nor acknowledged by the development community.

* The Zachman framework encourages a top to down systematic way for development. Users tend to work on the framework’s models row by row but the fact is that the person can start anywhere and work their way from that point on.

* The framework is an unfair about traditional, data-centric techniques. (Wambler, S, 2002).

Evolution of the Zachman Framework

The Zachman framework has evolved over the course of time ever since John Zachman, the founder of the framework in 1987, created the so-called Zachman framework for enterprise architecture.

Figure 17: Information Systems Architecture - A Framework (1984)

The framework was first…

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