Critical Thinking Strengths And Weaknesses

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What I found about my strengths from the strengths finder survey is not surprising. My top 5 strengths are Competition, Deliberative, belief, strategic, and futuristic. I am a very competitive person on everything that is a competition. If I don 't come out on top than I think that I have failed to do my best. Having this strength can help you, by you always striving to do the best at everything in life. Sometimes, it has it downfalls. Deliberative is another one of my strengths. I do tend to be a private person and I do tend to stick to myself in a crowd. Everything on the outside might seem ok, but on the inside I know that anything can happen in this unpredictable world. I have even been called a prepper, because I prep myself for the worse. …show more content…
An organization can 't make it without there employees doing the best job that they can do. A organization can have the best employees if they use the strength-based system. A employee can only do as much as they are capable to do and so the organization needs to do the research on where to put employees on a job that they do best. This will give a better outcome to how much production that the employees will put out, if they are put into a job that they can excel at. It 's like you don 't want to put a shy person that looks elsewhere for opinions on a leader job. He wouldn 't be able to lead the crew in the direction that they need to be led to. For the leader job you need a person that is outgoing and that can come up with solutions on how to get things done on there own, without having to ask people that if they are doing the right thing. He also needs to be someone who cares about how the employees are thinking and be able to control there anger when employees get into it over a certain topic. I think that this is why organization should use the strength-base system to find where certain employees should work, so that all the production that they need to get done, can be done in a quick and safe

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