Strength And Endurance Of The Gym Essay

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The purpose of the workout I have mentioned is that we do it to build muscle for strength and cardio for endurance, by building strength and endurance the fighter have a better chance of winning a fight, but we have to have some basic fighting skills too. To build your fighting skills, you have to understand the concept of boxing. Boxing is a combat sport where two boxers fight each other to compete to see who the best boxer between the two is. After all the boxers are in good shape, each boxer should know if they are an Orthodox (right handed) or a Southpaw (left handed), so we could have the right instructor to train them. Boxing stance, the proper boxing stance gives you good reach with both hands without making you reach to land your punches or vulnerable to getting pushed off balance. The correct boxing stance will allow you to throw a wider variety of punches without leaving you too exposed. Lastly, the right boxing stance for you will allow you to stand firm on your ground but still have the ability to move away if needed. Again, the perfect stance is balance, it gives you strengths without exposing you. But to get the perfect stance, you have to have a good toe-heel alignment, to get the right toe-heel alignment you have to position yourself where your feet are at shoulder width or a few inches wider, and place them along the toe-heel alignment line. And don’t forget to “stay on your toes” even though you are actually on the ball of your feet, and your knees will…

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