Strayer-Wood Theater Analysis

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Strayer-Wood Theater’s RENT production was an extremely eye opening experience for me. As I stated in my review of the Design Presentation I was very thrilled when I heard UNI was performing Rent, because I have been a fan of the movie for such a long time. My excitement then switched to worry when I became aware of the creative changes the cast and crew were taking. Even with my worried about the effectiveness of the delivery of the musicals moral, I did my best to attend the performance with an open mind, and not compare UNI’s production to any other performance.
By just experiencing the first few minutes of the musical I was clear to me that it was a college production. Each character had a depth and purpose unlike what typical high school
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Because of this job she is invited to a party where she meets a dark and mysterious millionaire, Smith Ohlrig. After months of continued contact Smith and Leonora are married (but only so smith could prove her wasn’t afraid to marry). This marriage shortly shows Leonora how jealous, manipulative and destructive Smith truly is. When she asks for a divorce Smith denies her (because he is afraid she is after his money). She leaves him and sets off to take car of herself in the big city. After finding and practically begging for a receptionist job, she finds herself in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in a doctor’s office. Although starting out extremely unorganized Leonora works her way to become a functioning and effective receptionist and falls in love with her boss, Dr. Larry Quinada. All seems to be going well until Smith finds her and leads her to believe he wants her back. After the single evening with her husband she remembers why she left him, but also becomes pregnant. In turn she returns to the Smith mansion to provide financial security for her child. In the end Leonora is able to be with Dr. Quinada, but at the loss of her …show more content…
The popularity of this show almost prevented me for being able to see the performance, but luckily I was able to get a seat in the third floor balcony. The show really was a variety, from song to dance to theater, the young men in the glee club were able to show their many diverse talents.
The glee club was even able to show their diversity through song alone. Starting with many classic Christmas songs the group was able to capture the heart of the season and without a doubt show their hard work and talent. The club also explored different types of music, such as that from Africa and other countries. In each new piece the club was able to showcase students with unique talents such as beatboxing, piano, solo vocal texture, and more. Each shoe showed a different part of the large groups talents.
Many members of the glee club also showed off their theatrical endeavors. In a play written by seniors of the ensemble, well known characters such as Ron Swanson, Charlie Brown, Marty Mcfly, Doc Brown, Batman, and more fought an evil tree that threatened to steal all Christmas spirit. The usage of these popular characters provided an effective way to surpass time-consuming character development. This play ended up being very funny and enjoyable to an audience of all

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