Strategies Can Help Overcome Low Self Esteem Essay

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Strategies or how to overcome low self-esteem

I feel like to quit. This is too hard! I’m such a loser, I can never get things right! Are these the words you repetitively saying to yourself? Or these are what you may hear from people you care.

What is Low Self-esteem?

Low self-esteem is negative perception one thinks about oneself. These people may judge, criticise how they look or what they own (or do not own). People with low self-esteem may think themselves are not worthy of good stuff because of their weakness. They may blame themselves over the situation that does not work well.

Where does it come from?

In many cases, it starts from life as a child. When we have negative thoughts about ourselves, it may stem from experiences, such as:
• Absence of positive feedback from family and teachers
• Physical and verbal abuse
• School bullying
• What so called “good advice” – example: “You have to know your place. You are not good enough to participate in National Badminton Junior competition. Honey, I don’t want you to get hurt.”

Adults with good childhood experiences can also develop the sense of low self-esteem by abuse, prolonged stressed, and unpleasant past experiences.

How come? You ask. Good question. Here is the mechanism: when negative words or actions you receive from your sensory input, you may embed these negativities into your head as the ultimate truth; which means you subconsciously accept those deceptions to be what and who you are. Because you do this…

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