Strategic Security Planning Report For Airport Network Security

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The following documentation shows an initial security planning report for Airport Network Security. The information takes into consideration and provides the following:
1. Network Diagram
2. Stakeholder Information
3. Laws and Regulations
4. Risk Assessment
5. Operational Technical Controls
SNHU Consulting has been hired to provide technical services to propose a Risk Mitigation Plan for the Airport and involves securing the following:
1. Network Security
2. Wireless Security
3. Physical Security
4. Customer/Patron Security
5. Commerce Security
The fundamental parts of system security are, for example,
• Secure remote access can be given virtual private systems VPNs
• Antispyware & Antivirus
• Unauthorized access to system can be hindered by firewalls
• Threats that spread speedier can be distinguished by Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)

After the initial evaluations and taking all variables and stakeholders into consideration, a concise and summative plan will exist and be able to provide guidelines and strategies for best practices when network security is involved
Network Diagram

Stakeholder Information
Identifying all stakeholders involved is crucial in developing systems and processes. The identification and interviewing will assist in defining all persons or a groups of persons who are affected by the objectives of this plan. Collecting information about the inventory of airport stakeholders, their objectives to form the basis for airport’s…

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