Essay about Strategic Plan Part Ii Swott Analysis

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Strategic Plan Part II SWOTT Analysis

Whenever someone starts a brand new company they will need to create a strategy plan that will give directions on how to build strengths, weaknesses, opportunities before the company comes out into the market world. If there is an understanding of the business SWOTT , it will help a lot the understanding and development of any strategy plan and it will Gide them to prepare for unforeseen problems that will come out with any internal and external environment. What the SWOTT analysis will do, will be to enable Jean's rare find books, to audit plan and focus on any key issues that will come out in the near business future.
External Trends
The external analysis of Jean's rare find books has pick
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Some factors that will be consider in nature and direction in which a firm will be operating.
Strength: The condition of economy will increase, and the budget will improve the share holders confidence.
Weakness: The fluctuation in economy will effect and will get weak and will affect any companies operations.
Opportunities: By having economic growth it will help the expansion and growth of the companies in the business world.
Threats: There will be slow season and it will be affected by the low number of tourist.
Technological forces
By having knowledge in technology will help a business every single day and this help will be by filing any document, receiving suppliers, to help the staff and specially the customers. correct knowledge of technology will decrease day to day business of the processing of paper work.
Strength: If any employee shows good technology skills this will help the operation of the day to day work environment.
Weakness: A technological breakdown will put a business on a tide stop and because of it profit and customers will be lost.
Opportunities: Having well updates on technology will help track the merchandise in a shorter time and will help satisfy any supplier specially the customers.
Threats: Whenever a company uses old technology this will reduce the satisfaction on production, demands suppliers and

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