Strategic Plan For Abc Psychological Services Essay

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Strategic Plan for ABC Psychological Services ABC Psychological Services is committed to serving those who have served America. The staff has taken into account the specialized needs that veterans entering VTC will require. Over the next five years ABC Psychological Services will devote substantial time and resources into the creation of a strong mental health program for veterans going thru the local VTC.
Vision: At ABC Psychological Services after five years we envision – that all veterans suffering from mental illness who are at risk for incarceration in a local VTC will have access to a trauma-informed, strengths based system of mental health care that will assist them in obtaining the best possible aid in order to achieve an improved state of healthy emotional wellbeing.
Goals: At ABC Psychological Services in five years, our goals include – a) to improve access to care for male and female veterans b)ensure that for the veterans that are referred to the agency receive quality care that is efficient, professional, and fitting
Internal Strengths: ABC Psychological Services boasts a top qualified former Veterans Affairs director and staff of former veterans. The staff will act as therapists and mentors as well to soldiers that will be treated thru the agency via the VTC. The agency will also be one of a kind in that it will be the first agency in the area that will service a VTC in a rural area. The endeavor will provide a much needed resource for rural veterans…

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