Strategic Plan Development Paper

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Strategic Plan Development Paper
Coors Brewing Company is one of the most successful brewing company's in the United States. The organizations clear Mission Statement and Vision Statement assist the company in achieving their goal of being one of the most successful brewing companies in the world. In the following text, a review of the mission and vision statement of Coors Brewing Company will be discussed. The group will also determine if Total Quality Management is an objective for them and indentify what impact globalization may or may not have on Coors management positions. Finally the group will reveal how globalization does or does not increase the complexity of total quality management for Coors.
Coors Brewing
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Coors Vision Statement clearly defines what methods the company takes to ensure the satisfaction of both its employees and customers. The Vision Statement:
"To create a strong team of employees through education and training dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers and their needs. It is our intention to conduct business in a way that compliments our communities' needs and growth, keeping in mind the responsibility of our products and the positive image our industry must communicate. We will support community projects, events, and local service clubs in a continued effort to help grow our area to be the best it can be. We will add value to our "Teammates" in the workplace through positive goal orientated work environment, open communication and desire to be the best team in business." (Coors Brewing Company, 2006)

In other words, Coors Brewing Company has a goal to create a strong working environment through educating its employees and ensuring they all have the necessary tools to achieve this goal. In turn, the employees are the ones who help to make the company a success.
Total Quality Management: A Strategic Level Objective
Coors brewing company is a name synonymous

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