Essay about Strategic Analysis : Strategic Data Management

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Strategic Data Management is a methodology that embraced by the most successful companies in the world. This approach is considered the most effective solution to managing the increasingly vast amount and diverse data that is available in today’s society. More importantly, Strategic Data Management allows organizations to successfully leverage this big data to gain a competitive advantage over companies within their industry. The key to this ultimate success lies within the development and refinement of an organization’s core competencies.
In order to fully realize the success that can be achieved with Strategic Data Management, an organization must understand and employ each of the processes associated with this methodology within the boundaries of their unique needs. Since there is no methodology that has blanket application for all organizations across all industries, it is important for an organization to realize that they must develop a plan that is in line with the goals and cultural needs of the company. From data management to data governance, the proven path to success is realized through systematic adherence to the plan customized for each organization.
Strategic Data Management incorporates several facets that are vital to the successful implementation and execution of a big data business model. Foremost to the incorporation of this methodology is to ensure that there is sufficient support within the organization to initiate a plan. This requires a…

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