Strange Situation Procedure Essay

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Evaluate the usefulness of the Strange Situation procedure to our understanding of attachment.

Attachment is typically where an individual pursues security and comfort from another individual who is normally part of an extensive, emotionally significant relationship. One type of attachment is the connection between a child and their mother or caregiver (Custance, 2012). This type of attachment is what Ainsworth focused on when she developed the Strange Situation procedure. This essay will mainly focus on Ainsworth’s Strange Situation procedure, to identify the usefulness and limitations of it into the understanding of attachment.
There are many accounts of how and why attachment is shaped, Freud (cited in Custance, 2012) suggested attachment
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This sort of theory of attachment was called ‘cupboard-love’. Bowlby (Cited in Custance, 2012) disputed such a theory as the foundation of attachment. Instead, Bowlby was inspired by the evolutionary theory and ethological research which transpired his work. He suggested human infants have inbuilt or innate tendencies that build a strong bond with a caregiver to enable incentives to be acheievd. It is, therefore, the evolutionary need for survival that makes the infant create such a bond with their caregiver, as it is for personal survival.
Ainsworth’s joined Bowlby’s research group in 1950, however, she was not satisfied with Bowlby’s attachment theory. In 1953, Ainsworth carried out her first observational study into attachment when living in Uganda. She collected data from twenty-six families, with babies ages rangeing between one and twenty-four months. She found that babies who had responsive mothers were more likely to be confident and cry less. Whereas, the unresponsive
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