Essay on Stop And Frisk Are All About Numbers

1004 Words Nov 13th, 2015 null Page
Stop and Frisk are all about numbers. Commonly in each video the discussion of meeting the quota or getting numbers, is brought up several times. Through out watching the videos there were several concepts that I wanted to discuss. My first reaction was stop and frisk should be eliminated, because people’s rights and privacy are being violated. Then I thought wait a minute maybe it shouldn’t be stopped, but rather tweaked on how the stop and frisks are being carried out. I felt that officers should be better trained on these tactics. As I continued to watch on I then realized that the officers are being trained the proper way and that is not the problem. I then came to realize that, the pressure from higher up with in a police department are starting to affect the way officers are conducting certain procedures within the communities. In the NYPD 's stop-and-frisk: Racial profiling or “proactive policing” video it is seen that officers are trained and drilled on how to carry out a stop and frisk. It is clear that in the practice drill it is done with more care, but in reality these stop and frisks are done with anger and torture and embarrassment of the individual. I also found it Ironic that in the What you didn 't know about NYPD 's stop & frisk program video, “books were being cooked” in other words, crimes were being downgraded or even disappearing (Nycresistance). Why is it that there is a main focus to get quotas or numbers on stop and frisks and not a focus on…

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