Stonehenge: History Mystery Task

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StoneHenge- History Mystery Task

Key questions Description Location - Where is the site?

The StoneHenge is located in Amesbury, Salisbury in the UK.

Time period - When was it built?

The construction was believed to have started in 3100 BC.

Purpose - Do historians know exactly what the site was used for? If yes, how do they know? If not, why don’t they know?

The historians don’t know what the site was used for and how it was built. Some theories about that giants made the Stonehenge or that aliens built the site. They also thought it might be an old concert hall, it might have been an early concert hall or it was the focus of an ancient corporate team-building exercise.

What are the Rocks Made from?

The large Sarens(larger stones) are made out of sandstone and the Blue stones(the smaller stones) are made out of igneous rock.

History Mystery What do historians and archaeologists
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Notes: Scientists have found the remains of a teenage boy found near the Stonehenge seems discoveries suggesting that the Stonehenge was a place of healing not a monument to death.
The stonehenge is a World Heritage Site. This came a World Heritage Site in 1986.
Roads have been closed and the visitor site has been moved further away from the site.
They have done this so if someone litters it won’t go near the site and the tourists won’t do stupid things like break off a piece of the stone and take it home which then would ruin the stonehenge and eventually then the Stonehenge would disappear because of the tourists.
Erosion is a big factor as well. This is because of the wind and rain.

This database on the library part of the portal was very helpful with how the Stonehenge is being protected and preserved. RESOURCE #4
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