Still Separate, Still Unequal Essay

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Still Separate, Still Unequal
Segregation is a topic that has been discussed for decades. Segregation in schools wasn't really dealt with. The government basically disguised it and kept it away from the public. Brown V. Board of Education, Plessy V. Ferguson, and Jim Crow Laws was the cover, but it didn't solve anything. Segregation isn't just about race, it's also financially. When money is involved in the situation there's a major advantage. Johnathan Kozol talks about how we're still separate, and unequal. Johnathan Kozol touched on some really great points, when it came down to gproving how we're separate, and unequal. Kozol digs a little deeper to back up his word on being separate and unequal. In the following paragraphs I will
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Kozol also asked if black people were to die off and didn’t exist anymore, how do you think whites would feel? Isabel replied, "I think they'd be relieved" (351).
Schools for mostly white students are usually well built. A student named Elizabeth said "It's not fair that the other kids have gardens at their schools, and we don't" (352). Schools where there is mostly white student's, typically have more than black schools. Comparing a high school for the rich and a high school for the poor, the rich school will have more technology than the poor schools. Poor schools can't afford the expensive technology to help improve students education. The lack of technology places poor students at a disadvantage when it comes down to learning. A eight year old wrote Kozol and said "We don't have the things you have. You all have clean things, that we don't have. You have a clean bathroom and we don't. You have parks and we don't have parks. Can you help us" (351).
Students at poor schools don't have the equipment that rich schools have. At a school in Columbus, Georgia named Brewer Elementary School, teachers would send home long list of school supplies needed. Mothers wondered why some of the things were on the list, but it was because the school board couldn't

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