Steve Jobs: Man Turned Ordinary Inventions Into Extraordinary Art Forms

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Steve Jobs: Man turned Ordinary Inventions into Extraordinary Art Forms

There have been numerous individuals who have walked the earth throughout the existence of mankind, but there are a very limited number in the amount of individuals who leave a great impact upon the land. History may not recall the extensiveness and importance of these individuals but there contributions still remain very evident even in today’s society. There comes a time in every generation that a mind comes along and transforms the way we view and see things, and most importantly change the way we live our day to day lives. Of this generation, Steve Jobs transformed the way we view technology, he added a sense of character, savvy, and style to a market
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As history shall be written about the businesses, ideas, and creations Jobs left upon the world, his individual philosophy, intelligence, and humbleness created and crafted the man himself. One’s on mindset and perception of reality is a huge element in the successfulness of that individual’s life. Even though Steve Jobs had an unusual and not your typical upbringing, the fire with breathe within him energized him thought his life even though the struggles and strife, the experience and knowledge gained from those event s all served their purpose and the end of the picture.
Jobs became the cofounder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Apple Inc., a company that designed the Macintosh computer system, iPod, iPhone and iPad inventions that transformed and reinvented software, computer, music, and mobile communications. He founded Pixar Animation Studios & in collaborations with software developer George Lucas and a team of computer scientist, artist, and animators created artistic and technologically excellent movies that sparked interest in children and adults worldwide.

Adolescence In grade school, Steve loved taking apart and rebuilding radios, microphones, and other electronic gadgets. Although he could go to the store and buy the toys inexpensively, he chose to build them. It gave him a tremendous

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