Steve Jobs: Inventing The Inventors Of Apple

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Steve Jobs was just a college dropout hanging out with his friends in his parents’ garage when, what we know now as Apple, began. He was only twenty-one years old when he and his friends, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, were in the process of inventing the Apple product line. Who knew just from a simple location as someone’s garage that these products would have become revolutionary? These men had basic jobs prior to becoming the inventors of Apple. The company was incorporated on April 1, 1976, ironically on April Fools’ Day. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak continued to grow with this new revolutionary company, but Wayne sold his share of the newly made company for $800 only two weeks in because he feared of financial ruin. Unfortunate …show more content…
but was later renamed as simply Apple Inc. during January of 2007. Although a multinational company, currently the Apple headquarters is located in Cupertino, California. During 1985, Steve Jobs resigned from his own company simply because he was uncontrollable and clashed with the board of directors. He did not convey his plans very well with the Apple employees and engineers. Many people confessed that he was seemingly unpleasant and notoriously difficult to work with. Jobs leaving the company lead to Apples’ downward spiral but fortunately in 1997, he rejoined the board with the title of CEO. After returning, he seemed to be a better, rejuvenated leader added back to the team. Jobs oversaw multiple departments such as the retail stores, iTunes store, and the App store. Soon after, he became recognized as one of the company’s very valuable assets. Even though the company took a downward spiraling turn when Jobs left, luckily after his return the company is profitable once …show more content…
Apple produced more revenue than the U.S. Treasury. The company is still producing and developing new products that are satisfying customers. During 2012, Apple sold approximately 397,000 iPhones. Apple is continuously improving their products, customer service, and marketing to help the company have steady growth. Apples’ secret to successful marketing is that less is more-simplifying what the customers need to know versus bombarding them with useless information. This helps Apple stay above and beyond their competition and also assists with their expanding

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