Joint Collaboration Case Study

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People who are talented have formed certain businesses with joint collaboration. Teams were being formed in cognition. These people thought they look same as all, have virtues different from others. People who had formed Google, Apple and Hewlet Packard where those having hard found basis. They also reminded their fellows they had inborn talents advisable for achievers.
These founders of giants had relations with each other as partners. Some existed for a long time. Others separated and made amends towards others. They were a few who understood their issues and were conclusive about how much prosperity was needed. Many were classmates and friends. They got along as partners and were trying to be founders of certain organizations.
Most partners had an ambition to shine above all and meet success as part of their lives. These partners:
Larry Page and Sergey Brin
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Both were enrolled as students of an engineering program. Bill and Dave got together and formed a very comfortable relationship which was enduring and beginning of a new phase of electronic engineering. After pampering form a Stanford professor found Hewlett Packard as a source of inspiration for younger people. They also took part in preparing a social collective network.
Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield
Company: Ben & Jerry's
Year Founded: 1978
Ben and jerry were friends from childhood. Both collaborated after they met in a high school gym class in 1963. They were one of most inspiring friends found during those times. Making a career in ice cream making. Both Ben and Jerry were interested in serving people of US. Both had ambitions to extend their establishment and form a multinational organization. Ben and Jerry extended their friendship to become bigger and better businessmen in Ice cream creation as their occupation.
Pierre Omidyar and Jeffrey Skoll*
Company: eBay
Year Founded:

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