Steve Jobs Piracy Essay

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At Steve Jobs childhood, he was introduced to engineering and design by his adopted father Paul, who originally was an engine engineer. Steve’s family moved to Silicon Valley at that time of technology booming. At high school, Steve was interested in things other than electronics, like art and music. “Blue Box” was the first project for Steve Jobs with his close friend Steve Wozniak, that project allowed making free long distance calls using frequency. The sad thing is that somebody stolen their right of the project at the time they start selling the project. That would not going to happened if Jobs and Wozniak registered their project under patent, which will prevent anyone from trying to copy or sell their invention. Later, during the computer …show more content…
That idea doesn’t been accepted by Apple board members, however, Jobs insisted about his idea until Apple opened their first Apple Store in 2001 at Tysons Corner Center mall in Fairfax county, VA. By 2004 the visitors for Apple stores were around 5,400 person a week. Apple decided that portable music devices is Apple’s next generation product, so they start designing the iPod, which became the invention that changed the entire music industry. The iPod revelation created some piracy issues by consumers to recording companies, which lead them meeting Jobs to find out a solution for that, Jobs come up with iTunes idea, that allowing the consumers to purchase songs rather than stealing it by illegal web download, in easy and smooth manner that guarantee the mutual benefit for all parties and protecting the copyright of the recording company with maintaining the profits from selling the songs but in softcopy manner. ITunes created a major success to Apple by selling around 70 million songs in first year. Later by 2007, more than half of Apple revenues were generated by the …show more content…
However, what it was good about Jobs is that he learned from his mistakes, and every time he produce a new tech, or design a new item even if it a package, he protect it as patent under Apple to prevent other competitors to copy it. However, that might not necessarily fully prevent others from copying the software or hardware, and that what exactly happening right now between Apple and Samsung. The book as well gives an inspiration about how good leader and good entrepreneur has to be. Also that a person must not stop trying, even if you fail many times, because every time you fail it shorten the way to

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