Stereotypes In Lakota Woman

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Drunk, stupid, lazy, these are just a few of the words that popular culture has used to

describe the Native American Indians. The so called “Spaghetti Westerns” were constantly

painting these “savages” as less than human. Even John Wayne, who perhaps had more

respect than most for Native Americans, still portrayed them in a negative connotation. One of

Wayne’s most popular movies, McClintock, has the American Indians stating a party was fun

but “no whiskey, so we go home.” This movie was the norm not the exception; time after time

the Native American Indians have had to overcome these derogatory and humiliating

stereotypes to take back their story for their generation and the next.

Perhaps, the most difficult stereotype
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Her teachers continuously told stories of their hedonistic and lazy ways. She began to

discount her own parent’s version of event, until she went away to college. As an educated

woman she quickly began to discount the the white man’s version of events, citing numerous

problems with their version. Her self-examination is both and intellectual and emotional clearly showing that she is nothing like the stereotype forced upon her and her people for decades.

Lakota Woman, by Mary Crow Dog gives an in-depth look at the trials and tribulation that

face the Native American woman. Crow Dog bravely tells her story of an impoverished

childhood on a reservation to giving birth during the siege at Wounded Knee. She wrote

eloquently about meeting her husband and the struggles they faced trying to resurrect their

faith. Her understanding of the hidden meanings of what people said, what they did truly shows

her astuteness. Throughout her often difficult life she never threw her hands up and

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