Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of Gender Stereotypes Essay

1333 Words May 24th, 2016 6 Pages
Gender stereotypes have been around since the dawn of time and have only escalated. Gender stereotypes are everywhere. They 're in television shows, advertisements, commercials, etc. In these type of stereotypes, women are usually shown as the inferior ones, always the ones to stay home with the kids, the ones who should be in the kitchen, the less powerful ones, and many other standards. Meanwhile men are portrayed as the strong, masculine one, also the ones known as the “breadwinners”, meaning the ones who bring home the money to support their family. Also, in today 's society it 's become a big issue that children should stick to their own genders when it comes to colors, the way they dress, and things they play with. Some might argue that this is the way it 's always been and always should be, but I agree with others who think that these stereotypes are unnecessary and cause more issues. People who are in favor of gender stereotypes in media argue that gender stereotypes are necessary because they are needed to make the gender difference a more real and complementary lifestyle (Givens). This is a typical argument from people that are for gender roles and stereotypes. People that use this argument have a mentality that is stuck in the past. In the past, it may have been okay to have gender roles for specific genders. But remember that it is 2016 and gender differences are not needed to make life more “real” or “complementary”. This can be done in different ways.…

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