Essay Stereotypes And Oppression Of Native Americans

1337 Words Nov 11th, 2016 6 Pages
Horse riders, chanters, nature worshipers, hunters, these are a few stereotypes that are generally associated with Native American people, but there are many more, some may be true, but not all. Even some of the true ones may not be exactly a correct representation of the Native American population. Everyday Native Americans are stereotyped on a daily basis. Not only are Native American Indians stereotyped wrongly, they are mistreated unlike the average American. In Alexie 's stories, he aims to depict the true life of Native American people on reservations. On these reservations they have to face several life obstacles that come with it, like any other person. Faulty Stereotypes and oppression of Native Americans generally motivate Sherman Alexie to explore themes and topics of everyday life on a reservation handling each obstacle like any other non-Native American person. Alexie helps the readers understand that not all the stereotypes they talk about are true, by using different writing styles. He uses various writing styles, to enhance the reader’s knowledge about the life of Native American. As a result of Sherman Alexie sharing some of his works that explore the theme of natural life on a reservation, many people have read these stories and poems, and have liked them. These are the stories that are important. Sherman Alexie is motivated by other peoples mistreat and misconceptions towards the Native American people. he aims in her books to set her readers right in the…

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