Stereotypes And Cultural Representation Of Women In Society

Women have always been treated differently than men due to stereotypes. Since the beginning of time, society has seen women as inferior to men and has treated the two genders differently. Society has implemented a series of stereotypes for women that according to them women must follow. Cultures also have a tremendous influence in the cultural representation of women. Some cultures embrace the stereotypes against these women and actually enforce them against their population. While other cultures do not use stereotypes against their women. Women in this society today are stereotyped in many ways. This research paper will discuss the cultural representation of women, gender stereotypes and the psychological effects that a women go through due …show more content…
According to the Health Guidance for Better Health, women are considered and taught that that they are better child care takers than men as they are more responsible. Women should not work as their husbands are the men in the house. Women are supposed to always be beautiful for their husbands and never be seen in gym clothes (Brewer). Women are supposed to have jobs such as teachers, librarians and secretaries. Women are flirts. Women do not need to go to college. Women don’t play sports. Women are never in charge. The above stereotype examples are some of the common ones that women have to deal with in their adult life. However, as a society we even stereotype babies as soon as they are born. For example as soon as a couple knows what the baby will be they paint the room pink or blue and buy them that certain color. They also begin buying the baby toys that are appropriate for their gender. Since birth, we reinforce the Childs gender and teach him or her what is right for him to do as a girl or boy (Brewer). The biggest mistake that some parents stereotype on their children is that they teach them girls are supposed to wear dresses, serve food, take care of babies and stay at home until their husband comes from

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