Steinbeck's Dream: The Corruption Of The American Dream

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According to Bernie Sanders, Presidential Hopeful, "For many, the American Dream has become a nightmare." (Brainyquote). In 2016, less Americans are achieving their dreams. Throughout history, we see the American Dream live, evolve, die, then eventually repeat the cycle. The 1920s was a time of money, big houses, luxury living and prosperity. The 1920 's also stands for a time of great disparity, poverty and prohibition. Fitzgerald and Steinbeck 's novels prove the corruption of the American Dream by using symbolism and metaphors to create the themes of how the American Dream is dead.

The 1920 's meant something different for everyone. Some lived the most they had ever lived, and some didn 't live the lives that they had exactly dreamed
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Well, a show come through, an ' I met one of the actors. He says, I could go with that show. But my ol ' lady wouldn 't let me. She says because I was only fifteen. But the guy says I coulda. If I 'd went, I wouldn 't be living like this." (Steinbeck 88) Curley 's wife 's big dreams of Hollywood lights and fame demonstrate how common it was for most pretty young woman to have dreams of being famous during the …show more content…
Jay gatsby said only dream is to have daisy. He spends his younger years devoting his efforts to build her perfect dream of a perfect American luxury lifestyle. Gatsby says " I 've got a man in England who buys clothes for me. He sends over a selection of things at the beginning of each season, spring and fall." (Fitzgerald 92). Gatsby beings to throw these clothes over his house. He has no moral connection to the items, nor does he feel bad about throwing them. They were simply all things he owned in favor of a dream, that he didn 't own. Which daisy could only dream to have. Her greed and pity will hold her back from having the life she really dreams of with Jay gatsby. In comparison to Of mice and men, curleys wife holds a deep connection to her the little items she owns. She is destroyed when Curley breaks all of her records and is angry when George and Lennie show no concern when she cries to them about curlers

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