Essay On Steel Frames

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Steel Frame: An Intelligent Way to Build Houses
Wood, after the stone, is the oldest construction material of history. It was also an abundant resource which was the cause of the popularization of its use. Are there new technologies able to replace the use of this natural and outdated source that was more abundant in the past than today? Yes, there are newer and better technologies that can replace the wood frames. For example, I can mention the steel frame technology. The use of steel as a construction material is more recent. Steel frames began being used during the XVIII century to build tall edifices. Steel frame is a structure that has its parts made of steel. This constructing technique is fast and efficient; it is also known for its less waste generation. Although opponents claim that wood is a good alternative to build houses due to the possibility of reforestation and its resistance, the use of the steel framing technology may be the best alternative in terms of environmental impact, safety, and durability.
First, many opponents argue that the
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Steel is recyclable and waste free material. That means that the contribution to the total amount of construction waste is small and this little waste generated can be recycled. In addition, the safety that steel frames provide due its higher fire resistance is one reason for the increase of its use in house constructions. Another advantage is the longer durability of steel frames compared to wood frames. The tendency of the building industry is to replace the use of wood each time more. The concern about forest preservation is a justification for that. For this reason, it is important to seek materials as steel that can beyond replace being able to improve the construction

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