Importance Of Communication: The Five Themes

Communication was the clear centerpiece of each of the five themes. Communication is also something that I have placed a new found importance on as a result of reading this book. There was a lot of truth to what Powell wrote, applicable truth. I dated a Godly man for two years; I thought I was going to marry him. Yet looking back, I couldn’t have really loved him and he couldn’t have really loved me because we were jealous of each other. Every time I made a good grade, or people complimented me, he would get extremely mad and would say hurtful things. The Lord blessed me to win a large scholarship at my high school’s award ceremony, and this same boyfriend was rude and irritable after the award ceremony. I, too, was very jealous and insecure. …show more content…
The five concepts that the book says stems from communication, is the ability to love myself, the true definition of love, counterfeit love, that love is hard, and the importance of dealing with emotions. I see now that my past relationship, in which I thought I would marry the person, was far from Christ’s definition of selfless love, a love that puts others first, that isn’t jealous, and that sacrifices. Sacrifice is key in love because Christ demonstrated this by sacrificing His own life, gaining nothing in return but to be with a bunch of humans forever. He did this, so I can do my best, with His help, to love others the same. I am to appreciate and thank Him for making me who I am, and in because of loving who He made me to be, I can in turn showing His love to my future spouse, wanting him to be the best version of himself that he can be for Jesus. “The Secret of Staying in Love” lined up with what The Lord has taught me since my past relationship. The relationship was filled with jealously, possessiveness; Childishly reacting instead of communicating, and that a “feeling” is not where love is found. Now I know that my next relationship should consist of communication, even when the topic of conversation is challenging and requires total humility. I am reminded that the true definition of love is sacrifice, like Jesus did for me. There are counterfeits love, but a true love wants my spouse or boyfriend’s best ahead of my own, sacrificing my time and own success for theirs. Relishing when that persons is complimented or celebrated, because I am celebrating who I am as well. I know that my future relationship should be full of asking for forgiveness, sharing my emotions and words of affirmation, not the possession of one another. Love is hard, it is not a feeling and love is worth the risk. Christ lost His life, risked it all, knowing that most people would never love Him back. It

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