Essay on Stay At Home Dads By Glenn Sacks

1342 Words Oct 27th, 2015 6 Pages
Today’s society has changed a lot compared with the previous era, and the birth of new things makes the world differently. New trends with the development of technology and the progress of the point of view of people, and the technology and new views can bring a powerful influence to people’s lives. For this thing, people have different attitudes and define the new trends in different terms of words. Some people think that new trends can give people more beneficial than they did before, and others think that these new trends are harmful. Ultimately, these changes are inevitable and people need to acknowledge these new trends. “Stay At Home Dads” is written by Glenn Sacks, and this essay describes that sacks as a man does not go outside to work and is not a breadwinner in their family. Sacks just is a SAHDs and take care of his kids, and his wife undertakes the pressure of the economy to make money. Sacks and his wife reshape the roles of woman and man at home. Another essay is written by the Sherry Turkle that is “Connectivity And Its Discontents. Turkle indicates that the advantages and disadvantage of technology in the life. Since these new technologies appeared in people’s life, people did not choose the traditional ways to communicate such as face-to-face. People think that the text message is convenient and fast. Social change and new trends of lifestyle is a double-edged sword, these changes and new concepts can influence people’s life and become special the ways of…

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