The Importance Of Winning In Sports

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1. Winning
I want my program to win at every level. The reason that we play the sport is to have fun, and winning truly is fun. However, I also believe that winning is not everything and is not measured just by the score board. I believe that a team that sets good goals can be a “winning team” if they can achieve their goals without winning the game. I think that it is important to teach teams what it feels like to win. Winning is addicting and helps to motivate a team especially in sports.
2. Losing
My teams do not lose. We either win or we learn. Losing a game is never easy, but a team that learns from a loss never loses. I believe that from failure we learn how to perform better for the future.The changes made due to these learning
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Since I was an athlete of multiple sports as well as a student, I have a high standard concerning academics. I believe that smart students result in smart athletes. The GPA requirements to play sports are often low in my opinion. I will hold my athletes to a higher GPA standard. As a coach, I want my students to understand how to be students of the game and I believe that that starts within the classroom. I believe that it is important for my athletes to have good relationships with their teachers, because their interactions reflect on the program as a whole. I will encourage my athletes to either complete homework before our games or to do homework on the way to our game so that they can have their minds clear for when we play. When they are in the gym, I want them focused on playing to the best of their ability, but when they are in the classroom they should be focused on their …show more content…
Physically participating in multiple sports enables you to further develop different muscles. Mentally, playing multiple sports helps to assist in the “burn out” effect that sometimes occurs with only playing one sport. Specialization, I believe is something that should be considered going into high school. However, ultimately it depends on the athlete, but there are some benefits to focusing on one sport whether it be gaining more experience, exposure to college recruiting, or even just financially or time- wise being best for the family of that athlete. As a coach, however, I encourage my athletes to participate in at least one other sport because I think that it exposes them to different

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