Starts With Why By Simon Sinek Poek Book Analysis

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Starts with . . . Why? Why is a question that one should ask themselves often while reading Simon Sinek’s book Starts With Why. Why was this book assigned? Why has this man been allowed to go on for so long without someone challenging his misguided ideas? Why do people blindly accept what Sinek is saying as fact? There are plenty of similar questions that could be asked but the abridged version of the list will have to do for the purposes of this paper. While most of what Sinek wrote is a disservice to those who buy too much into it, he does have a few concepts that can serve to help leaders. However, Mr. Sinek’s book is mostly a cheap attempt at taking the success of others and retelling their stories with his own idea of why they succeeded. Almost …show more content…
“The part of our brain that controls our feelings has no capacity for language. It is this disconnection that makes putting our feelings into words so hard” (Sinek, 2013, p. 56). No evidence, just his own thoughts on why this is and he certainly does not have the qualifications to make these claims. In fact, his education history is not even available under his biography on his website. I had to go to Wikipedia and check their sources before I could find his educational background, a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology from Brandeis University. An impressive school, but a degree that does not carry nearly enough weight to allow Sinek to make these claims. Additionally, he makes little attempt to provide credible sources to reinforces his arguments. Sinek cites only one credible source in the entire chapter that is supposed to be about the science of his theory (2013, p. 235). Without credibility of his own, without providing empirical support for his arguments, and with a significant lack of credible sources it is impossible to trust anything that Sinek puts down on

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