Starbucks 's Highest Quality Of Coffee Beans Essay

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Another aspect is Starbucks only uses the highest quality of coffee beans. The organization sends individuals all over the world in search of suppliers that will meet the standards.

3. What are the distinctive competencies of your company?
Starbucks as stated before is well known in over 60 countries for their capability and skill when it comes to coffee and the beverages they serve. The organization goes above and beyond to select the highest quality of coffee beans and on top of that the company ensures all is done ethically. Starbucks allows their customers the latitude to create a drink that fits the individual and by doing this the company can attract a “cult” like following of consumers. Another competency is diversity. Starbucks ensures that they produce a very diverse environment in an effort to make employees feel even more like a part of the organization.
Starbucks has also stepped up in a big way to be more competitive in the social media arena. The organization uses social media in an effort to reach out to consumers and elicit suggestions that will improve not only the company but the overall experience. Starbucks will take these suggestions and implement them and even place them on their website for all to see.

6. What are the barriers to imitating the distinctive competencies of your company?
When it comes to beverages, companies like McDonalds and Dunkin Doughnuts are innovating every day with an end goal to match the product line Starbucks has or…

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