Starbucks : What Starbucks Is And Where They Can Find One Essay

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It is true that now in the present day almost the whole world knows what Starbucks is and where they can find one. According to the Starbucks website info about forty years ago when they first opened up their pledge was to always serve quality coffee and build relationships with them like no other coffee house. What I mean by build relationships with them I mean they reach out to their customers by building a relationship with their fresh quality coffee which makes a place between work and home.
According to their mission statement it will always be about the quality of their coffee, they embrace diversity where they respect each other and treat each other with dignity. Their customers are more like family where it’s more than just serving a delicious premium coffee to a customer but they try to build a human connection. Their stores are a place where customers can relax and take a break from worries and work. “Every store is part of a community, and we take our responsibility to be good neighbors seriously.” All of this I just stated can be read on the websites mission statement where you can also find many facts about their company.
Some major strengths that I found out about Starbucks is that it is well experienced over the years that they have been up for business which gives it an advantage compared to other coffee places. Another advantage that helps with experience is that they know how to catch their customer’s attention and know what they want when it comes to…

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