Starbucks Persuasive Speech

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I. Have you ever wanted to know how to make your favorite Starbucks’ drink at home?
II. I work at a “We Proudly Serve” Starbucks at school.
A. We make Starbucks’ most popular drinks but we do not take gold cards or gift cards.
B. But we make all their drinks exactly as a real Starbucks.
III. Today I’m going to teach how to make one of my favorite summer drinks.
A. I’m going to walk you through the steps to make a Grande sized iced Carmel macchiato.
IV. I will go through the four easy steps to making this famous drink at home.
A. First there’s the bottom layer, lower middle layer, higher middle layer, and top layer.
Transition- First, I’ll start with the bottom layer.
I. The bottom layer of a Carmel macchiato consists of vanilla flavored syrup.
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You can buy this vanilla syrup at Starbucks’ website or Walmart.
1. Starbucks sells their exact vanilla syrup online in a 1-liter bottle, with a pump, for $12.95.
2. Walmart also carries a similar product by Torani that’s a 12.2 oz. bottle, without a pump, for $3.98.
3. The Torani vanilla syrup bottle is smaller but its more than enough for multiple drinks.
B. For a Grande size, or 16 oz., there are 3 pumps of vanilla syrup that go directly into the bottom of the cup.
1. If you have syrup with a pump, just place the cup right below the pump and push down three times.
2. If your bottle doesn’t have a pump, no worries, 3 pumps is roughly two teaspoons.
3. Basically the syrup should line up just below the first line on a normal Starbucks cup.
Transition- Now that you know how to start a Carmel macchiato, I’ll move onto the lower middle layer of the drink.
II. After you have the vanilla syrup, the next step is the milk.
A. This step is really easy, you just pour cold milk into the cup, over the syrup.
1. If you are pouring the milk into a Starbucks cup, the milk should line up with the eyes of the Starbucks’ logo.
2. If you are using a 16 oz. cup at home, pour in roughly 1 and 1/3 cup of

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