Essay on Starbucks, High Quality Coffee

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From a branding standpoint, Starbucks is a well known, high quality coffee company that serves the coffee needs of their customers. They offer hot and cold beverages, beans and supplies to brew at home, snacks and wifi for a comfortable experience, and friendly baristas who inspire us. From a customer’s viewpoint, Starbucks needs a new image that can refocus the customer’s ideas about starbucks’ coffee. To accomplish this, Starbucks should reposition their brand through a new casual appearance in each location, a new pricing method, and improvements to ordering through technology. The first thing toward repositioning Starbucks would be to redesign each location into a casual hangout space like that of the study rooms at the library. The original design emulated that of an Italian espresso bar where patrons hung out and shared the time together as friends and colleagues. To help recreate this experience, the shopping center filled with books, CDs, movies, mugs, gadgets, and other coffee paraphernalia. Other than coffee drinks, a small selection of snacks, coffee products, and gift cards are all that are needed. Research suggests that business related moves are not as successful in repositioning as increased efficiency (Ryan, Moroney, Geoghegan & Cunningham, 2007). Non-coffee sales are great, but scarce. Remove them and make the experience more efficient for customers to get in, get their coffee, and get their experience started. To ease a customer’s perception of their…

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