Essay about Starbucks Coffee And The Coffee

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Starbucks Coffee Drinking coffee every day has become an integral part of most people live. Therefore, there are a lot of coffee shops that offer the best coffee for the coffee lovers. Starbucks is excellence in making coffee. It became the most popular, famous and important coffee shops in the world. You can find Starbucks where ever you go. Starbucks was founded in 1971 in Washington by three partners, two of them were teachers and the third was a writer. The name of Starbucks came from the Starbuck hero in the Herman Melville novel. The story was published in 1851, this story happened in the sea, Starbuck loved the coffee so much, so the idea of Starbucks coffee came from this hero. In addition, Starbucks logo has a twin-tailed queen mermaid picture which makes Starbucks seem special. However, Starbucks serves both hot and cold drink.

I go to the Starbucks every day before my classes starting. We have three Starbucks at my university, one in the bookstore, second in the MU, and the third one is in BAC building. Also, you can go to the downtown Starbucks, it is bigger and calmer more than Starbucks MU, it has a bigger menu and a higher rate which is 4.2 stars. Also, the down town Starbucks is good for study because all the people there are reading a book or studying which will encourage you to study. However, the best one that I have tried is the Starbucks in MU because it is pretty good for student union. The service is very fast and quickly.…

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