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1. Howard Schultz, current Chairman and Chief Global Strategist of Starbucks, followed various key steps in order to build today’s successful and continuously growing coffee business. After a witness visit of café business to Italy, Schultz decided to implement the European elegant café spirit into Starbucks coffee house all keeping the American warmth in one coffee shop, where customers can stop by to get a coffee on their way to work, socialize, have a break, or relax after work. In addition, Starbucks has been successfully able to engrave the brand name in the customers’ mind by creating a strategic mission and sui generis brand values.
Starbucks core values has consisted of providing a great work environment and treating each other
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Last but not least, the company was highly conscious during each and every step of the Starbucks brand construction that continuous profitability is the key to long-lasting success, as it will enable them to reinvest in more modern equipment, and more geographical brand expansions. 2. Starbucks was very cautious while choosing it partners, because the company has seen the importance of having partners who would have compatible corporate culture and core values. This will enable Starbucks quality to be integrated no matter where it is located. In addition, joint ventures had to expose the brand to a wider range of customers, all maintaining the commitment to preserving the authenticity of Starbucks products. Furthermore, the partnership should represent a clear benefit for the brand and the company as a whole, with the condition that Starbucks should keep a hands-on controlling role in all aspects of the partnerships. Almost the same facts happened in both Starbucks partnerships with Host Marriott and United Airlines, where the guests, passengers and travelers, were not exposed to the same product quality they used to experience in their usual coffee shop, in addition to the new customers, who were not interested in exploring more the Starbucks coffee. This happened for the reason that Host Marriott’s employees were not properly trained to be the “perfect” Starbucks baristas, hence, did not provide the

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