Standards Research Essay

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Assignment 1 Standards Research
Yvonne Mitchell
Strayer University Summer 2015
Dr. Constance Blanson
Communication Technologies

Assignment 1: Standards Research
Information technology is at the center of daily operations for millions of people around the world. Almost everyone uses at least one piece of technology in his or her everyday routine, whether it is a cell phone/smartphone, laptop computer, tablet, or other device. With that being said, standards are implemented to help regulate this technology so that it functions properly. By definition, a standard is a document that provides requirements, specifications, guidelines or characteristics that can be used consistently to certify that materials, products,
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The most widely used standards are for Ethernet, Bridging and Virtual Bridged LANs, Wireless LAN, Wireless PAN, Wireless MAN, Wireless Coexistence, Media Independent Handover Services, and Wireless RAN. Each area of focus has its own working group. Working groups work to create and write standards. Working Group 802.11 (Wireless LAN) under the IEEE is responsible for creating one of the most important standards to date. The 802.11 standard and its subsequent amendments provide the foundation for wireless products operating the Wi-Fi brand.
Justify the need of the IEEE 802 standard used in networking. IEEE 802 is a group of standards that deal with LAN (Local Area Network) and MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) and are restricted to networks that carry variable sized packets. This group of standards operates in layers 1 and 2 (Physical and Data Link Layers) of the OSI Reference Model. It is necessary to have a set of standards/rules when we connect computers together through networks. These standards are needed for the data that travels from computer to computer on these networks. The IEEE 802 standard and others like it help provide industry advantages such as low costs and interoperability.
Evaluate the three standard organizations including IEEE, ISO, and ANSI to determine the most important for communication

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