Essay Standardized Tests Should Be Standardized Test

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Every year students are forced to take standardized test while they are in school to test their knowledge and their growth year to year, but do these tests truly test a student’s knowledge and growth? No, while sometimes they accurately measure a student’s knowledge and growth, often it does not. The way to make this more accurate is to not necessarily get rid of standardize test but make them to where they are helpful to the students and place them in classes with students that have similar strengths that they determine based off a placement test that is done. Just like taking finals in college or high school, students stress out about taking these standardize test because it can determine if they can move on to the next grade in school. If standard placement test were implemented and took every other year starting in third grade to place students with common strengths and weaknesses together it would help every student because they would be able to get help with their weaker subject and get to be able to do things that do not always have to deal with the common standards of the subjects that they are stronger in. Students would then take different levels of tests depending on their original placement test to show more accurate growth. An advantage of this is students could explore their interest and see careers in those stronger areas and see how they could potentially use those in the work force one day. The disadvantages of this would be that not every student is…

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